At Any Age, in Every Stage, there is no better time to begin.


Get Strong, Stay Strong

Get Strong, Stay Strong

Get Strong, Stay StrongGet Strong, Stay StrongGet Strong, Stay Strong

Your Quality of Life Depends on it


Congratulations on taking the first step to building and maintaining your strength.  If your goal is to make sure you are physically able to live life to its fullest, we're here to partner with you in reaching that goal. 

 Live strong, Stay strong.

safe and time efficient strength training with measurable results


Slow Movement, High Intensity

The toughest part about any exercise program is taking the first step to get started.  At Marshall's 584, all levels of fitness are welcome, because our strength training protocol adapts to the individual. We offer a general physical conditioning program that targets all the major muscle groups during each session, once or twice a week.  You'll receive individualized attention from your certified coach, using state-of-the-art medical equipment and cutting edge Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX) with software that allows you to track your quantified work-out results from week to week.  Our ultra- efficient strength training protocol means you can 

walk-in, work-out, and walk-out in less than thirty minutes.   


Ace Certified Personal Strength Trainers

Your personal strength training coach has the ACE Certification, which guarantees the highest level of on-going education, and expertise in the industry.  You can feel confident that your safety and well-being during your strength training session is our top priority.  During a complimentary introductory consultation, you will have an opportunity to share your concerns and fitness goals, and experience the equipment first hand.   Our affiliation with Dexa-Fit allows us to provide the optional benefit of analyzing your bone density and BMI, with a method for tracking your improvement over time.  Our strength training studio is a calm, quiet environment, distraction and clutter-free, so you can focus on your mission. 

 You have the desire, we'll give you the inspiration.


Achieve Results and Measurable Improvements

We'll not only help you get strong, but we'll help you stay strong.

Your hard work pays off with lasting improvements to your muscle tone and bone density, cardiovascular fitness, endurance and energy, posture, range of motion and flexibility, lower resting blood pressure, glucose and insulin balance, reduced arthritic joint pain.  

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Future.

Just Minutes Per Session, Once or Twice a Week