At Any Age, in Every Stage, there is no better time to begin.


John K.

Marshall has been my strength trainer for over 15 years, and I would recommend him to anyone interested in a solid, 30 minute strength workout by a true professional.  He is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology, and can plan a workout around certain muscle groups an individual might want particularly strengthened, or if an individual has a spine or shoulder issue, he can plan accordingly with a workout that minimizes aggravating those issues.  Marshall is friendly and courteous with a pleasant demeanor.  He can "push" you to a great "burn", but knows when to back-off.  His customized workouts can be accomplished at individual machine stations or on the one-stop-shop ARX machine.  In any combination, it is an incredible strength training experience.


I've been training at Marshall's with Kathy Kennedy for about a year now.  I came back after taking over a decade off to do yoga, Daily Method, cardio, etc., but there is really no substitute for personalized weight training.  My goals had changed over the years and the trainers at Marshall's were more than able and willing to adjust the program specific to me.  It's quick, it's difficult as you want to make it, and the results are nearly immediate. I dont have that "dread" going in and I feel GREAT when I leave.  Try it and you wont be sorry!

Laura O.

Marshall's 584 has a unique ARX motorized resistance machine.  You get a complete workout in 12 minutes.  Sounds too good to be true, but it really is.  The ARX workout builds your muscles and strengthens your bones.  The results are amazing!  Marshall also offers a super slow workout using state of the art exercise machines which he will take you through in 20-30 minutes.  Working out at Marshall's 584 has made me look and feel better and stronger.


Highly recommend you allow Marshall and his staff to put you through a rigorous 30 minute workout once (or twice) a week to get you or keep you in good shape!  The individualized plan allows you to get stronger every week.  It has truly worked for me!  Not more excuses!  Just do won't regret it!

Jill O.

I used to dread working out, and it showed.  Now that I am working out regularly at Marshall's 584,  I am loving the feeling of building and maintaining my strength.  Marshall changes things up to keep it challenging every session.  He is truly an expert at knowing just what is needed to help you reach your goals.  As a result of these awesome workouts, I feel stronger and standing taller than ever before!  Thanks Marshall and Kathy!

Diane Q

Marshall's is very effective and produces results in a noticeable increase in body/muscle strength.  I have worked with Marshall over a decade and depend on my be-weekly strength sessions.  He is a focused trainer, very knowledgeable about anatomy and how the muscles work, and provides an individualized and challenging workout.  And he is a good guy, and nice to work with.



Marshall and Kathy are so wonderful-and super slow strength training has helped me out so much.  I highly recommend the regimen and the people.  No one better!

David W.

I have been participating in weight training at Marshall's 584 for more than ten years.  Even now at seventy years old, I have stayed healthy and strong because of these workouts.  After eight years of watching me go weekly to train, my wife finally tried it.  And now SHE IS HOOKED too!  I highly recommend this proven method of strength training.

Scott W

Marshall develops a program based upon your body type and goals and works with you to reach your potential.  The training is safe and effective.  I have tried many other trainers and programs and Marshall is the best I have worked with.

Tom C.

There could be no better partner that is focused on your success in strength training than Marshall.  Though workouts are only 30 minutes long, Marshall's focus on you as his client, and your success in physical fitness, is what he dedicates himself to doing.  I would highly recommend that you consider Marshall as your new strength training partner.  

Catherine L.

I am delighted to recommend Marshall's 584 High Intensity Interval Training in Lake Forest. Having been a serious advocate of physical fitness for more than 40 years, I have participated in every type of exercise protocol.  For over a decade, I have been a proponent of high intensity interval training-- sometimes called Super Slow--and have found it to be the most efficient, safe, and effective way to build strength and stamina, develop lean muscle, and look and feel great.  The training facility, on Western Avenue in Lake Forest, is pristine and quiet, with an array of machines to address every muscle in the body.  Marshall Okun provide a personally-focused workout, with a detailed record of each session, in order to afford the most professional attention to each client.  Marshall is patient, honest, educated and fun!  I heartily endorse Marshall's 584 as an excellent fitness program that offers superb benefits to one's overall health.